Friday, July 10, 2009

Ms. Daisy

This poor bedraggled flower!!

We had some pea size hail, heavy pouring rain (3 1/2 inches), and wind. But when I saw this Fiesta Daisy the next day it just made me smile. And when I look at this picture I chuckle!!

Ms. Daisy was larger then most, in fact most of the others hadn't even opened up yet!! So here is a proud Ms. Daisy, first on the scene, large, and beautiful!! Then boom!!! Mother Nature plays one of her little tricks on her. But does she fall down on the ground, swishing and swaying in the rain and mud?! No, not at all.

She has held her head up high and proud!! She is having a "bad hair day" now but I still see the bright and cheerful yellow on her face. Ms. Daisy is working hard to fulfill her purpose in life which is to provide seeds for next years Daisy Children.

Doesn't Ms. Daisy look just like a Mother!!!! ha ha

I will let each of you determine your own "moral to the story".........