Friday, March 13, 2009

Visiting the Farm

I had a nice day yesterday visiting a friend of mine. She and her family live on a farm. I was raised on a farm and really miss it.
I can't say that I miss some of the chores I had to do as a child, like cleaning out the rabbit pens, or washing out the cows watering tank. Yuck!!
But I do miss the animals and the country life, and my afternoons in the pasture.

I lived on the farm during my young years, until I got married and left home. I don't remember the pressure of getting the wheat planted on time, or the worry of the rain and hail storms coming right at wheat harvest time.
What I remember is the relaxed, peaceful times when I would take a walk in our pasture. There was always so many adventures there.
Much different then walking on a sidewalk around my neighborhood now days.

A lizard runs across the path. Where is he going so fast!
A horny toad sits on a rock watching me. I catch him and hold him for a while looking at his funny horny skin. Then I put him back down and he scurries away.
A cockle burr gets caught in my pant leg, or a sandburr in my sock. Ouch, I reach down and pull it out.
Look, there is a bare space on the ground filled with small rocks. I found a small piece of petrified wood!
A small amount of water is in the dry wash in the pasture. I pull off my shoes and socks and play in the water and mud. Oh, I better be careful, I see a couple of crawdads! Look at them run backwards when I get close. How funny!
In a bigger puddle I see tadpoles, some have two legs growing all ready!

Then I get to the area where a big patch of sunflowers are growing. They are taller then I am. I start bending some of them over and make a path into them and then a whole area.
I have a new play house!! I sit down and watch the bugs and butterflies go by.
Finally I decide it is time to walk back up to the house. The adventure continues as I go back up the path.
A big yellow grasshopper jumps and lands right on my shirt! I grab him in my fingers and black tobacco comes out his mouth. I laugh and toss him in the air and he flies off.

What a wonderful afternoon I have had. An adventure as great as any safari!!
And it was right at home.

All of these memories come back to me as I am walking around my friends yard on the farm.
She has different animals then what we had. But I still love to be on a farm again.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

Farm Goats

Galloway Beef Calves

Her Pet Chickens

Puppy to Grow up to Protect the Goats

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