Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting Older

Well, I can't believe it. I am getting old! And today I feel even older! When I got my mail today I had a letter that had my new Medicare Card in it!! Golly, I won't be 65 for four more months!!! They didn't have to send it so early!!

I don't really feel that old. And my up coming birthday is not bothering me that much really. But I can remember when my mother turned 50. I was still fairly young and I told her, "Gee mom, you are half a century old!". She told me in later years that she really didn't feel that old until I told her that!

My "older" sister told me today, " I love being old. There are so many advantages and deductions that you can get." I guess she is right. Golly, we both are retired and can do what we want!! Now what can be better then that! ha ha

All of this is leading up to more memories I have been having. I have some of my father's old toys. He loved toys even when he was older. His toys were special toys that he kept in a special drawer. We only got to play with them when we asked permission and then we had to handle them very carefully. We only played with them for a short while and then had to put them away again in his special drawer. But because of this, I have some wonderful toys today that were my fathers.

This photo is of the original metal Slinky and the original box it came in. Also pictured is a metal top. You wind the string around the top, hold the end of the string with the metal washer between your fingers and throw it out onto the floor. Notice the holes in the side of the top, that would let it whistle while it spun.

Here are two tin toys. Very simple but fun. The clown would sit on a string that two people held very tight and the clown would "walk" down the string. The other item is a spinning disk. It says on it, "Blow On It See It Spin".

Such simple things but they were so much fun to play with! So life goes on, I get older, but I try to keep my life simple. Life for me is fun.
I think I was taught how to enjoy the simple things in life.


Deb said...


Thank you for sharing your story! I will be 55 later this year and it feels kind of surreal. Oh well, one day at a time is all I need to think about.

The toys are neat, we have a few rubber/plastic trucks of my husbands and a horse and indian. We have them displayed on a shelf in our study. The grandkids think they are pretty cool.

Take care,

Debbie in Oregon

Cricket said...

Love your blog! The photos of the toys are pretty cool!


Sharon Allen said...

I love the pictures of the old toys, also your thoughts on getting older. I turned 68 in April but still feel 40 in my head. However, the old bod says differently. Keep those stories coming for your grandchildren. You should think about self-publishing a book for them for Christmas or birthdays. That would make a very special gift.

Sharon from Sparkpeople